East Anglian Premier Cricket League

East Anglian Premier Cricket League - Umpires Appointments

Gibbs Denley East Anglian Premier League Umpires 2018
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April/May 2018

All EAPL Umpires appontments correct as of Friday 6th April 2018  - Please contact John Tythcott shoud you have any queries. (Names in bold are changes to original appointments)

Date Home
Away Umpire Umpire Comp

14-04-18 Burwell & Exning v Copdock & Old Ipswichian Allen Parker 50/50

Frinton-On-Sea v Bury St Edmunds Kumaraswami Pettitt 50/50

Great Witchingham v Cambridge Granta Eagleton Spenceley 50/50

Sudbury v Norwich Lilley Lodge 50/50

Swardeston v Horsford Crickmore Pointer 50/50

Vauxhall Mallards v Mildenhall Bird Lovick 50/50

21-04-18 Bury St Edmunds v Sudbury Laughlin Parker 50/50

Copdock & Old Ipswichian v Frinton-On-Sea Bishop Eagleton 50/50

Horsford v Burwell & Exning Pettitt Smart 50/50

Mildenhall v Swardeston Nicholls Ross 50/50

Norwich v Great Witchingham Crickmore Pointer 50/50

Vauxhall Mallards v Cambridge Granta Allen Smith 50/50

28-04-18 Frinton-On-Sea v Burwell & Exning Laughlin Smith 50/50

Great Witchingham v Bury St Edmunds Bird Pointer 50/50

Horsford v Mildenhall Eagleton Lilley 50/50

Sudbury v Copdock & Old Ipswichian Nicholls Smart 50/50

Swardeston v Cambridge Granta Kercher Spenceley 50/50

Vauxhall Mallards v Norwich Bishop Ross 50/50

05-05-18 Burwell & Exning v Sudbury Crickmore Kercher 50/50

Bury St Edmunds v Vauxhall Mallards Lilley Nicholls 50/50

Cambridge Granta v Mildenhall Parker Pettitt 50/50

Copdock & Old Ipswichian v Great Witchingham Kumaraswami Smith 50/50

Frinton-On-Sea v Horsford Pointer Eagleton 50/50

Norwich v Swardeston Bird Lovick 50/50

12-05-18 Horsford v Cambridge Granta Kumaraswami Bird 50/50

Great Witchingham v Burwell & Exning Nicholls Ross 50/50

Mildenhall v Norwich Smart Spenceley 50/50

Sudbury v Frinton-On-Sea Pettitt Smith 50/50

Swardeston v Bury St Edmunds Crickmore Pointer 50/50

Vauxhall Mallards v Copdock & Old Ipswichian Laughlin Parker 50/50

19-05-18 Burwell & Exning v Vauxhall Mallards Kumaraswami Lodge All Day

Bury St Edmunds v Mildenhall Bird Kercher All Day

Copdock & Old Ipswichian v Swardeston Lilley Pettitt All Day

Frinton-On-Sea v Great Witchingham Parker Spenceley All Day

Norwich v Cambridge Granta Eagleton Robinson All Day

Sudbury v Horsford Pointer Ross All Day

26-05-18 Cambridge Granta v Bury St Edmunds Parker Smart All Day

Great Witchingham v Sudbury Lovick Bird All Day

Horsford v Norwich Laughlin Lilley All Day

Mildenhall v Copdock & Old Ipswichian Nicholls Ross All Day

Swardeston v Burwell & Exning Spenceley Eagleton All Day

Vauxhall Mallards v Frinton-On-Sea Crickmore Kercher All Day