East Anglian Premier Cricket League

East Anglian Premier Cricket League - Match Regulations

Read Brothers Ltd 120 OVER MATCH REGULATIONS 2019


1.  All clubs will play each other home and away (1 match 50/50 and the other 120 match).

2.  The conduct of all matches will be governed by the Laws of Cricket, except as otherwise stated in these rules.

3.  Umpires will be appointed by the Umpires panel. The method of payment of expenses will be determined by the League Management Committee.

4.  If the Umpires arrive at the ground and no play is possible they are entitled to full match expenses.

5.  All clubs will appoint their own scorers.


Captains must pass their team sheets to the Umpires 30 minutes prior to play commencing. Team sheets will contain names of players, player number and category and age group if applicable e.g. U19, U17 etc.


Provision of lunch and/or tea will be on a reciprocal basis with no payment required in the event of cancelled fixtures.


In the event of a late arrival of a team the delayed start rules will be implemented, provided that the Umpires and the home club are notified 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.


If a game is abandoned because of a dangerous pitch the visiting team will be awarded the points for a win (maximum win available). The home team will not gain any points but may receive an overall points penalty (and other penalties) after investigation by the League Ground Subcommittee. The abandonment of a game because of a dangerous pitch is final. Any replacement game, although encouraged to “keep the game on”, will not count towards League positions.



Play will commence at 11.00.

Lunch will be at 13.15 and will be of maximum 40 minutes duration.

Tea will be taken at 17.00 unless the first innings ends after 16.20 whence tea will be taken immediately. 

Tea will be a maximum of 25 minutes duration.

The Last Hour will commence when 17 overs of the day’s allocation remain or at 18.15, whichever is the later.  There will then be a minimum of 17 overs to be bowled in the Last Hour.

Hours of play in September (if necessary):

Play will commence at 10.30.
- Lunch will be at 12.45 and will be maximum 35 minutes duration.
- Tea will be taken at 16.30 unless the first innings ends after 15.50 whence tea will be taken immediately. 
- Tea will be a maximum of 20 minutes duration.
- The Last Hour will commence when 17 overs of the day’s allocation remain or at 17.35, whichever is the later.  There will then be a minimum of 17 overs to be bowled in the Last Hour.


All league fixtures will be played with a ball approved by the Management Committee.  One new ball will be used for each innings. 


There will be a minimum of 120 overs in the day.  The first Innings of a Match is not to exceed 53.33% (64 overs) of the overs allocated at the start of the match, rounded down to the nearest over. The minimum over rate is to be 17 overs per hour.


The Umpires are responsible for assessing the fitness of Ground Weather and Light from one hour prior to the scheduled start of play.

In the event of a delayed start or an interruption the total overs in the match shall be reduced by one for every full 3.5 minutes of time lost and the first innings shall be proportionally limited.  At the resumption of play, if the newly calculated limit on the first innings has already been reached or exceeded, that innings shall be deemed closed.

In their calculations the Umpires shall aggregate all interruptions for bad weather and shall count fractions of overs as completed overs.  The side batting first are to face no more than 55.33% overs (See Calculation Table)

If there is insufficient time remaining to complete 70 overs in the match, the match will be declared abandoned.  If the first innings has been completed the match will continue provided there is sufficient time for the side batting second to receive a minimum 20 overs.


There will be a maximum of 18 overs per bowler.  In a rain reduced game that maximum will be reduced by the same percentage as the total overs lost at the start of the match.

No adjustment will be made for any additional losses.

All ECB Directives will be strictly adhered to.


The penalty for a No ball however delivered shall be two runs.

The Umpire at the bowler’s end shall call and signal No Ball if a ball which he considers to have been fairly delivered without having previously touched the bat or person of the striker, either (i) bounces more than once, or (ii) rolls along the ground before it reaches the popping crease.

A bowler shall be limited to a total of two bouncers per over, defined to be a ball delivered over the shoulder of the batsman standing upright at the crease.  The Umpire at the bowler’s end will make it clear to the bowler and the batsmen when such a delivery within this limit has been bowled.  It is unfair if the limit is exceeded and the Umpire shall call and signal No Ball on each such occasion and report the incident.  In addition, the Umpire will adopt the procedures of Law 42.7.

Law 42.6(b) (bowling of high full pitched balls) is amended to read:

Any high full pitched ball (regardless of it’s pace) which passes or would have passed above waist height of the striker standing upright at the crease shall be called and signalled No Ball by the Umpire at the bowler’s end.

In addition, if the high full pitched ball is not slow, it shall be deemed dangerous and unfair and the Umpire at the bowler’s end.  The Umpire at the bowler’s and will adopt the procedures of Law 42.7.



Win (Team Batting First) 25 (Plus Single Batting Points Seen Below)

(Team Batting Second) 25
Scores Level (Team Batting First) 3

(Team Batting Second) 5

(An abandoned match is defined as one where the first innings has not been completed.  If a match is not completed in the second innings, the result is a draw; but both sides will receive a minimum of 7 points each.)

No game shall be cancelled without the agreement of a member of the Premier League Umpires panel.


Bonus points will be awarded to a losing team and to both teams in the event of a drawn or tied match or to a team batting first.

- One point for reaching 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 runs. 

- These will be doubled for the side batting first but will only be available up to and including the 60th Over.

- One point for taking  2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 wickets or 5 points if a side is all out regardless of the number of wickets actually taken.


- Less than 17 but greater than 16 overs per hour (1 point)
- 16 overs or less but greater than 15 overs per hour (2 points)
- 15 overs per hour or less (5 points)

This penalty will not apply if an innings lasts less than two hours.

(Any time allowances for lost balls, injuries etc. will be confirmed to the fielding Captain and the batsmen at the crease by the Umpires at the time of the delay and will not be subject to retrospective negotiation.  An allowance of two minutes for each wicket taken up to nine wickets will be made in the calculation of over rates.)


All League Matches will be scored on a computerised system using Total Cricket Scorer and will also use Live Scores as part of the package.

Both the home and away team will complete an ECB team card indicating all Age Group Players.

The Captain will give the team cards to the Match Umpires prior to the toss.

The Umpires will retain the cards during the duration of the Match.

At the close of play the Umpires will return the cards to the home scorer.

The League Secretary may telephone for the Match result and the points score and the score after 60 overs. Umpires to immediately advise the League Secretary of Slow Over Rate by:

- Phone/Text - 07899 927751
- Email - eaplsecretary@btinternet.com

The Home Team Scorer will download from the prescribed scoring system to the League Play Cricket Site as soon as practical after the game and will note any penalty points from Slow Over Rate in the notes column after receiving confirmation from the Match Umpires. Also the batting side score after 60 overs.

The home team to retain Score Cards for 21 days and may be required to produce them in the event of a dispute. Failure will result in a fine as shown in the League Handbook.

As a security in the unlikely failure of both computers, it is advisable for the home team scorer to operate a manual scorebook or  linear scoring sheets.


All captains and umpires are responsible for completing the online CRIC HQ marking after each match.

An email will automatically be sent to both captains and umpires after the match to complete the relevant league approved marking scheme.

Should you have a problem with this or any queries with the system then please contact Andy Abbott (League Secretary) immediately.

Failure to complete these marks could lead to a fine as per the handbook. 


League positions will be determined by a points system. 

- The team gaining the greatest number of League points shall be the winners.

- In the event of two or more clubs finishing on equal points, league position will be determined in the following order:

1. Most wins.
2. Fewest defeats.
3. Highest total bonus points, over rate penalty points being deducted for this purpose If still level a deciding match will be arranged by the Management Committee where winning the league, play off or relegation is at stake.