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Clowes Nash Auctions Ltd

Rookery Business Park
Silver Street
NR17 2LD

Tel: 0800 8799 054
Email: clowesnash@aol.com
Web: http://www.clowesnashauctionsltd.co.uk/

Clowes Nash Auctions Ltd has over 30 yearsexperience in auctioneering and we will happily sell your items!  

We have regular sales and we will auction anything, anywhere - onsite, on our premises or online!  

Experience: A specialist on & off-site sales department and expert auctioneer with experience and deep knowledge of conducting such sales.  

Promotion: Advance advertising of sales in local, and national papers (when pre arranged), an up to date website, comprehensive mailing lists for all types of sales.  

Advice: We are professional at all times, giving you the pre-sale advice you need.  

Overall, we will provide a full auction service including pre-auction photos and descriptions agreed with the vendor prior to auction sale!